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  • 121,00€ In Stock

    Tio Pepe Cuatro Palmas is a complex, intense and sharp generous wine. Time and the winery have turned this Amontillado Viejisimo into a handkerchief wine, a perfume from Jerez. The selection of a single boot, the No. 1 that ages at La Constancia Solera Museum to reach its cup today. Recently recognized in the International Wine Challenge awards the...

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  • 8,50€ In Stock

    Río Viejo is a dry Oloroso wine especially appreciated in its cradle, Jerez de la Frontera, maintaining its origin in the solera founded in 1918.

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  • 15,95€ In Stock
  • 29,95€ In Stock

    The amontillado, the oloroso and the Pedro Ximénez Sacromonte go together as part of an ideal gift box. Luxury, distinction and elegance are words that undoubtedly fit perfectly to define this Jerez wine box, 'small jars in which to store the best essences'.

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  • 26,60€ In Stock

    Fino Tradiición is a fully mature wine, the result of a long aging under veil of flower in American oak casks using the solera and criaderas system.

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  • 54,90€ In Stock

    This exceptional oloroso from a very prolonged age due to the traditional system of soleras and criaderas, is the result of a special selection of wines from certain Palomino grape varieties. Its aging in casks with great experience in the storage of exceptional wines of the same style, give as a result this unique, complex fragrance with a great...

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  • 81,50€ In Stock

    This is a unique sherry. Delicate and elegant on the nose and structured and powerful on the palate. It comes from a very special selection of wines. Result of a whim of nature and that, after prolonged aging in American oak barrels with great tradition, give rise to this very exclusive and rare wine.

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  • 67,50€ In Stock

    Very special and exclusive sweet wine product of a selection of grapes of the same name, properly dehydrated in the sun, and vinified using artisanal procedures. Aged by the traditional system of soleras and criaderas for many years in American oak, it is an unctuous, velvety wine with a balance of sweetness that does not cloak and acidity that provides...

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  • 15,25€ In Stock

    Lustau Peninsula Palo Cortado combines the finesse and delicacy of an Amontillado, together with the body and richness of an Oloroso. Aged in Jerez de la Frontera in the Empress Eugenia winery.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items