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D.O. Rueda. White wine. Spain. Verdejo.

Rueda is a protected designation of origin, and its production areas are located in Valladolid, Segovia and Ávila (Spain). It is made up of 72 municipalities, of which 53 are located in the southern province of Valladolid, 17 in the western part of Segovia and 2 in the northern part of Ávila. The character of Rueda is defined by three elements: Verdejo grape (the grape of the region), continental Mediterranean climate and gravel soil.

The Verdejo grape has been in the Rueda designation of origin for centuries. Even without written proof, it is believed that its origin coincides with the reign of Alfonso VI (11th century). At that time, the Duero basin was filled with Cantabrians, Basques and Mozarabs, the latter being the people most likely to bring the Verdejo race to Spain.

We can say that the flavor of white wine is the aroma and flavor of Verdejo with grass aroma, fruity aroma and excellent acidity. The extract is a personality factor in high-quality white wines, due to its unique volume and bitterness, and it has a rich fruity flavor. They are very harmonious wines, and they will invite you to continue tasting them after the memories in your mouth.

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Pinna Fidelis Verdejo. D.O. Rueda Pinna Fidelis Verdejo. D.O. Rueda
Bodegas Pinna Fidelis
€5.70 (tax incl.)
Pinna Fidelis Verdejo is a white wine from D.O. Verdejo, Spain.
Mocén Selección Especial. Rueda Mocén Selección Especial. Rueda
Bodegas Mocén
€7.50 (tax incl.)
Mocén Selección Especial is a "verdejo" white wine with D.O. Rueda, produced by Bodegas Mocén. "Special Selection" means a quality screening at three levels: field selection, must selection and wine selection. The...

Marqués de Riscal Verdejo - D.O. Rueda Marqués de Riscal Verdejo - D.O. Rueda
Herederos del Marqués de Riscal
€8.40 (tax incl.)
Marqués de Riscal Verdejo Organic is a white wine from the D.O. Wheel. It is part of the 100% organic wines of Marqués de Riscal. It is a wine that stands out for its freshness and balance.
Martivilli Verdejo 2022 Martivilli Verdejo 2022
Martivilli - Bodegas Ángel Lorenzo Cachazo
€6.50 (tax incl.)
Martivilli Verdejo is a white wine made 100% with grape of the Verdejo variety produced within the area with Rueda Designation of Origin.
Mantel Blanco Verdejo. Rueda Mantel Blanco Verdejo. Rueda
Bodegas Alvarez y Díez
€6.30 (tax incl.)
Mantel Blanco Verdejo is a Rueda wine made by Bodegas Álvarez y Díez.
Javier Sanz Verdejo D.O. Rueda. Bodega Javier Sanz Vinicultor Javier Sanz Verdejo D.O. Rueda. Bodega Javier Sanz Vinicultor
Bodega Javier Sanz Viticultor
€7.65 (tax incl.)
Javier Sanz Verdejo is the maximum expression of Rueda Verdejo, a bright wine with great aromatic richness.

Menade Verdejo. Rueda Menade Verdejo. Rueda
€9.90 (tax incl.)
An expression of freshness and the wilder side of the Verdejo variety. The grapes for this come from distinct parcels in and around Rueda that grow in pebbly, clay, and calcareous soils.
Cremita Verdejo 2021 Cremita Verdejo 2021
Martín Verástegui
€6.30 (tax incl.)
Cremita is a Rueda wine made with Verdejo grapes. The careful selection of the terroir, the selection of the best grapes and the care in the cellar create an extraordinary wine.


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